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Are you experiencing problems related to your emotional health, relationships or perhaps a major life change? Maybe you live rurally or for some reason it is hard to find a therapist or psychologist in your area.

I am a New Zealand registered Clinical Psychologist with 25 years of experience working with a range of mental health and addiction issues as well as with trauma survivors.  I work with people who identify as heterosexual and with LGBTQ and have a passion for gender issues, sexuality and alternative relationship structures such as polyamory, open relationships or other forms of ethical non-monogamy. I work with individuals, couples and more, providing online therapy. I am also available for consultation and supervision with health professionals

A Tower of Stones

What To Expect

In order to find out if we are a good match for each other and with online work, I offer a free one-off online 30 minute appointment via Zoom. I will ask you about yourself, your situation and what you need. This is also an opportunity for you to find out about me and how I work so that we can decide if we are going to work together.

Here is a video clip with some background about me and more information about how I work



Helpful Information and Resources

At the Tip of Your Fingers

Open Relationships/Polyamory/Consensual Non Monogamy, Resources

Polyamory Resources


More Than Two is both a book and a website about Ethical Non Monogamy and Polyamory by Franklin Veaux.

Note: Franklin Veaux appears to be the subject of reports of abusive behaviour. I can't comment on this. You can make up your mind about reading the book or using the resources:


    A communication guide for people in both monogamous and non monogamous relationships


    Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and

    Sustaining Open Relationship, 2008

    by Tristian Taormino


    The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships & Other Adventure


    Love Lessons from open relationships, 

    kathy Slaughter:


    Polyamory, Leon Feingold:


    Emotional Literacy:


    Polyamory for Us:


    Polysecure. Jessica Fern:

    An application of attachment theory and ideas to polyamorous relationships including practical help for building security in polyamorous relationships.


    Negotiating Interactions with Metamours:


    Jealousy and Compersion:  https://youtu.be/bIojP4MnTwg

    By Joli Hamilton

    Desire, sexuality, infidelity, love and relationships

    • Esther Perel is a couple therapist and author. 



    • Research about sexuality and desire:


    • Dan Savage: Sex Advice and conversations about sexuality, monogamy, LGBT issues and relationships:


    • ​OMGYes, Female Sexual Pleasure:


    • Reclaiming Female Sexual Desire, Pam Costa:


    Come as you are by, Emily Nagoski


    Ethical and Feminist Pornography


    Trauma, Grief and Self Compassion